The Richard H. Driehaus Architecture Competition has since 2016 promoted the practice of architecture and urbanism which, on one hand, give continuity to local traditions, and on the other, contribute to generating more beautiful and lasting urban fabrics, better integrated into existing architectural heritage.

The Competition is held in two successive phases. In the first, Spanish municipalities are invited to submit possible subjects and sites and an international jury chooses the three that best meet the stated aims and criteria. In the second phase, of international scope, architects of any nationality are invited to submit architectural and urban design proposals for any of the three pre-selected sites.

Finally the jury selects and rewards those proposals that may serve as a model for better practice in architecture, urbanism and conservation of built heritage, especially in dilapidated architectural ensembles and urban areas subject to decay and/or threatened by depopulation.

The Competition is conducted in two stages:

Phase One

In this stage, organized by INTBAU, Spanish municipalities will be invited to submit possible themes and sites for the Competition.

An international jury, including representatives from the various institutions collaborating in this initiative will choose the three entries that best meet the Competition’s goals and criteria.

Phase Two

In this stage, announced by the Ministry of Public Works, architects and urban planners from around the world will be able to submit their designs for any of the three locations selected in the first phase.

A second international jury selects the best design proposals for each one of the previously selected locations.

Entities involved in the organization of the Competition

Members of the both Juries