Selected Locations in the 2022-2025 edition


In this Phase One, a total of 10 municipalities presented their proposals for topics and locations. Among the candidatures received, the jury selected:

More detailed information on the three proposals will be made available to the contestants when the Pase Two of this Competition is released in 2025

Documents of the proposal

Documents of the LOT 1 - Buitrago del Lozoya, Madrid

Documents of the LOT 2 - Valpuesta, Burgos

Documents of the LOT 3 - Zubiri, Navarra

Irurita, Navarra

Irurita’s proposal for the urban intervention of the Plaza de Rebote surroundings has been selected by the Competition Jury due to the relevance of this space in the urban complex in which it is located, both for its configuration and for the activities it houses, as well as the positive impact that its beautification and improvement, together with the rehabilitation of the adjacent Dolantxea house, can have on the population as a whole.

Baltanás, Palencia

Baltanás’ proposal has been chosen due to the comprehensive nature of its approach to the group of wineries and their surroundings, the inclusion of a new building that can be based on the local building tradition, and the capacity of this project to become into a model of good practices for other locations that have this type of sets.

La Fresneda, Teruel

What was proposed by La Fresneda was highlighted by the interest of the many aspects to be addressed in its project for the foot of the castle hill: the volumetric planning, the treatment of the road, the landscape aspect, the creation of a communal garden and the development of a public rental home inspired by the tradition of the place and that can become a reference for future buildings in this environment.