“Azarbe” (Irrigation channel)

Second Honourable Mention for Baza

Due to the high quality of the rest of the proposals, the jury also awarded three honourable mentions, 2.000€-worth each. The three projects, all of which of great beauty, also aimed to retrieve the place’s memory, returning its values to the heritage of the area, keeping alive the footprint of its history. These projects at the same also create a new network of green spaces for the city.

The design proposal

Developed by a team from Granada composed by Pablo Ibañez Sanchez, Noemi Serrano Garrido, Angel Vallecillo Zorrilla and Juan Bachs Rubio, with a wonderful architectural and landscape proposal which retrieves the splendour of the old cloistered spaces.


Pablo Ibáñez Sánchez, Noemi Serrano Garrido, Ángel Vallecillo Zorrilla and Juan Bachs Rubio

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