“Bosque de Ribera” (Riverbank Woodland)


Honourable Mention for Borox

The jury also awarded three honourable mentions, 2.000€-worth each. These three projects also suggested developing proposals which were very attractive and sensitive in terms of taking into account traditional shapes, local materials and the work of the artisans in the area.

The project

Developed by the Sevillian architects Elena Jimenez Sanchez and Abelardo Linares del Castillo, who also received an award during this call for their proposal for Jaca, and in the 2016-2017 edition for their proposal for Vejer de la Frontera suggested in their proposal the reconfiguration of the library maintaining the pre-existing structure as much as possible and creating a new building for the Senior Citizens’ Social Club, both of an outstanding architectural design, capturing the essence of the place.


Elena Jiménez Sánchez and Abelardo Linares del Castillo-Valero

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