“Secuencias” (Sequences)

Second Honourable Mention for Trujillo

Due to the high quality of the rest of the proposals, the jury also awarded three honourable mentions, 2.000€-worth each.

The Project

This project developed by the architects, also from Grenada, Francisco Ibañez Sanchez, Elena Morales Muñoz, Maria Zurita Elizalde and Aida Caballero Sanchez. Their proposal solves the problem of the connection between the streets and squares located at different levels via de construction of a building which is developed around a large central area and with a sequence of rooms with vault-like ceilings and open in different directions.


Francisco Ibáñez Sánchez, Elena Morales Muñoz, María Zurita Elizalde and Aida Caballero Sánchez

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