“Abriendo a Cal y Canto”

Vejer de la Frontera First Prize

The proposal the jury selected for the €12,000 first prize was entitled “Abriendo a Cal y Canto”,  by Granada architect Juan Moya Romero, which he prepared with his collaborators.

The project

Their design proposed an ensemble which shows the many qualities in the architectural tradition of Vejer: a compact and stepped urban fabric of whitewashed buildings extending organically from the bottoms of the windmills, ensuring that the windmills never lose the role they have held for centuries, always defining the skyline of the town from this side.



Architect Juan Moya Romero and collaborators Sara Lobón Ruiz, Luis Tovar Timmerman, Víctor Rejón Terrones and Víctor Manuel Jiménez Sánchez.

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